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2015 Summer Accelerator Application Form

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Application Questions:


1. Please provide a brief (approx. 250 words) description of your business or non-profit. Who would your customer be and why would they want your product or service?
2. What does long-term success look like? To achive that, what do you need to do in the short-term and long-term (i.e. hire employees)?
3. What work have you done so far on this idea? (Please be specific). What do you plan to do as next steps? What aspect of your business or non-profit are you concerned about?


1. Why do you want to start/run this business or non-profit? Why now?
2. Please share a significant problem or challenge you faced in your life, how you solved it and how you may have engaged others to help you solve this problem.
3. What do you think you need help with? (Check All That Apply)
  •  Defining Your Customer
  •  Marketing
  •  Legal
  •  Accounting
  •  Motivation/Support
  •  Financial Projections
  •  Strategy
  •  Technology Choices
  •  Fundraising
  •  Other (Please List)
  •  All of the Above
4. Anything else we should know? This is your last chance to convince us that you should be selected for our competitive program.


1. Can you make the Tuesday evening and Thursday lunchtime meetings throughout the 12 week duration of the Accelerator?
2. How many hours per week do you expect to be able to devote to your business or non-profit and the EforAll accelerator program?
3. Will you and your team members be using our Co-Working Space (in Lowell, 24/7 availability) to work on your idea. (If yes, how many hours or team members)?
4. Do you own a laptop? (If not, we may be able to provide access to one)
5. How will you be getting to Lowell and Lawrence for the accelerator sessions? (EforAll might be able to coordinate transportation)
6. Have you participated in any other accelerator or similar programs? If so, please list them here.
7. How did you find out about our EforAll Accelerator? If someone told you about this program, please mention their name/organization.
For questions please contact:
Mary Beth Burwood