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EforAll Mentor Program

Become an EforAll Mentor

EforAll is seeking the best entrepreneurs, executives, investors and technical experts to mentor early stage startups in our Accelerator Programs. As a mentor you will provide support and guidance to anentrepreneur as they move their business forward. Applications are welcome year-round.  We will review your application and get back to you with next steps.


EforAll Mentor Program

Commitment & Time Frame:

  • Accelerator:  1.5 hours per week per team
  • Post Accelerator:  As needed, in 1.5 hour blocks.  In-person, Skype, or Google Hangout

Time Frame:  Accelerator:  (December – February) (June – August)

Role as an EforAll Mentor:

  • Participate in mentor-only sessions
  • Meet in person (or on the phone if necessary) with entrepreneur to discuss progress
  • Work with the entrepreneur to identify and achieve their goals
  • Provide encouragement to sustain the entrepreneur’s motivation

Profile Picture AMM“For me, being a mentor is a win-win in three ways. First, you are part of building something great when you work with highly motivated entrepreneurs who are open to new perspecitves and are committed to making thier venture succeed.  Secondly, you connect with fellow mentors in your community who are thought leaders and share your passion for helping local entrepreneurs succeed. And lastly, through the experiences and passion of the entrepreneur, you will always manage to learn alongside them and bring some new ideas and perspectives into your own work.”

-Anne Marie Messier, Founder of Straightline Management Solutions 




“EforAll has been an excellent opportunity for me to mentor entrepreneurs with ideas that vary from sophisticated technologies to grassroots non-profits. It’s very satisfying to be able to help bring about a groundswell of entrepreneurial activity in Lowell and Lawrence!”
-Pradeep Aradhya, CEO of Novus Laurus LLC / NLMobile



For questions please contact:
Trish Fleming